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Recruitment & Engagement Manager Posted on July 18, 2022

General Summary

The SF IHSS Public Authority assists and supports the community of IN-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Consumers, home care Providers, and advocates with programs and services that facilitates connections, education, one-on-one support, mentorship, benefits, employmeny benefits, and career growth. We champion an inclusive environment that services a diverse population. 

Are you a focused, personable, flexible, and organized team player who shares our values? Join an amazing and values-driven team, where you will see your work impact many people's lives.


Status: Full -Time Exempt
Reporting Manager: Deputy Director
: $77,400

Duties & Responsibilities


1. Manages Provider support and recruitment; leads, supervises and guides the recruitment and support team by providing and implementing enhancements to the sourcing, screening, interviewing, and onboarding of qualified candidates.
2. Works on the creative development of projects, workshops, resource library, and other activities hosted at the One-Stop Resource Center. 
3. Assesses and implements program goals, responsibilities, policies, and procedures.
4. Develops and implements innovative and comprehensive recruitment strategies to effectively onboard, train and retain a robust and qualified workforce for all programs. 
5. Assesses Providers demographics, needs, and trends to design and implement the delivery of resources, education, and workshops at the One-Stop Resource Center. 
6. Collaborates with program managers to evaluate Consumer demographic makeup to build strategic recruitment campaigns. 
7. Promotes and encourages interdapartmental collaboration and cross-training. Works closely with program managers to discover unified systems that can strengthen Provider support and recruitment. 
8. Leads creation, organization, and execution of marketing materials and campaigns. 
9. Generates reports and analytics to measure Provide cycles, timelines, and outcomes to establish targeted outreach for continued engagement and retention of active Providers. 
10. Works closely with the data analyst to build reports and analytics to identify potential candidates.
11. Collaborates witht he Deputy Director to forecast growth potential, identify challenges and opportunities, and inform the leadership of anticipated needs and changes. 
12. Works in partnership with our training partner, Homebridge to identify educational needs, promote and engage existing curriculum among Providers, and collaborate with career advancement projects.
13. Builds and fosters collaborative partnerships within the community and IHSS partners, strengthening and ensuring continued support, sharing of information, project development, and continuous outreach activities. 
14. Generates and facilitates recruitment presentations and workshops throughout the community in-person and virtually. 
15. Manages relationships with several vendors and contractors, assessing systems neds and communicating and working with vendors on issues, challenges, and solutions. 
16. Works closely with the Director of Finance on the department's budget.
17. Work with the Senior Human Resources Generalist to coordinate the onboarding process for new staff. 
18. Prepares and submits all programmatic reports as required. 
19. Interprets and applies federal, state, local, and program policies, procedures, laws, and regulations' and can be flexible and take the initiative in decision-making to avoid service barriers. Ensures fair and compliant enrollment of Registry Provides and hiring of staff.
20. Other duties as assigned.


Skills & Qualifications

1. Bachelor's degree or equivalent.
2. Bilingual Spanish or Cantonese candidates are strongly encouraged to apply
3. Non-profit experience preferred.
4. Experience working with people with disabilities, seniors, low-income, or other underserved communities. 
5. Two years of supervisory experience preferred. 
6. Previous experience implmenting recruitment systems. 
7. Advanced technical proficieny in Microsoft Office (Word & Excel) and browser-based web applications.
8. Abilitiy to take ownership of assigned projects and complete projects with minimal supervision.
9. Team player who can motivate others and guide the team in a fast-moving organization.
10. Strong organizational, administrative, and planning skills. 
11. An effective verbal and written communicator who can create and present information to all levels of the organization.

People with Disabilities at the San Francisco IHSS Public Authority

The San Francisco In-Home Supportive Service Public Authority recognizes the value of having significant representation of people with disabilities in all units and at all levels of staff and management. For this reason, the Public Authority strongly encourages applications for employment from people with disabilities. To maximize flexibility related to benefits, the agency has adopted a "cafeteria" benefits plan. The Public Authority provides several health care plans and dental options for employees working 75% time or more. All employees with disabilities may request reasonable accommodation (as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and California Department of Fair Employment and Housing Act.).

How to Apply

The San Francisco In-Home Supportive Services Public Authority is an Equal Opportunity employer. We actively seek applications from people with disabilities, seniors, women, and people of color.

To be considered for this position, upload your resumé and cover letter of no more than two pages to the PA Job Application page.